Wearing of ring metals

Most non-stone rings are made of 22 carat gold. The rings marked on the machines are probably made of silver.

Navaratna gemstones (a) Zodiac rings are made of silver and worn by Westerners. Islamists love to wear silver rings. However, the rings are made of gold, silver, platinum, copper, brass, steel, eversilver, and porcelain, as well as five alloys of gold, silver, copper, brass, and steel, or an alloy of eight metals, octahedron.

Rings inlaid with nine Navratnas can be worn made of gold (a) silver. Gold has the ability to soothe nervous energy and control lust. Silver protects against nerve damage. That is why our women wear thali in gold and anklets and toes in silver.

Copper is good for removing heat ailments in the body. Brass and steel a) The ring is not studded with stones in Eversilver. Copper is not used because it blooms green.

Platinum melts at very high temperatures. Platinum does not melt when cast iron is poured on it, and platinum is a metal suitable for gemstone jewelry.

Platinum gold with 3 parts gold and 2 parts platinum is used to make gemstone in the highlands.

Small children cannot make and wear a stone ring.

This is because the ring is often forced to change as the finger grows. So, children up to the age of 9 can wear the dollar instead of the stone ring. Which
Kallai, however, can be encrusted with silver and hung with a silver chain around the neck, thus increasing security. There will be no fear of the thief. Gemstones, yellow topaz, and emeralds are best tied in gold.

Emerald, pearl, sapphire, garnet, vitriol, and diamond are all good for silver.

Emerald, pearl, sapphire, garnet, vitriol, and diamond are good for silver.

Emerald and vitriol can also be applied to platinum. Gometak can also be applied to ceramics. Silver is suitable for all stones. It is better to wear zodiac stones in silver. You can give gold if you want.

Avoid wearing rings with stones at night during sexual intercourse, during menstruation and pregnancy, when bathing in oil, and when doing strange things.
Then place the rings in a velvet (a) silk box or silver box.

It is best to keep the rings inside the pyramid. Only stones that are recommended to be worn during pregnancy can be worn by women during those times.

Likewise only stones recommended for menstrual disorders can be worn by women at those times. During periods of severe illness, avoid wearing a stone ring, and only wear a stone ring that is specific to the disease. These are exceptional.

When wearing a ring with more than one stone, it is best to wear it tied in silver. Rings should be done in Open Setting mode. There should be a small hole under each stone.

Only then will different light waves go and join the body. It is through the waves of light that changes take place in the body, either increasing luck or relieving pain.

The color of some stones fades when exposed to water. This change does not occur for gems. But, this is not the case with zodiac stones, therefore, such gems are enough in the shower to bathe
Even if it gets wet, it is better to remove such rings. Avoid wearing stone rings to very hot places.

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