Nature of Sun Planet  with diseases

Ruby is a very beautiful stone and it is prescribed for the planet Sun. Generally, the astrologer would prescribe this precious gemstone when the planet Sun is placed in its debilitation or afflicted by the evil planets.

The sun is revered as the father of all the planets.

Also offered as Sun, Sun, and Father. The sun will rise in public life.

Who is also responsible for the leadership of the administration. The sun is creative. One who acts as a creator. The one who gives resistance, supernatural power, and physical strength to the body is the cause of the breath of life. Helps to make important decisions and show determination in the end.

The sun is the protector of the heart. Guarding the right eye of men and the right eye of women. Protects mouth, throat and brain. If the sun is seen by evil planets or is associated with evil planets and becomes evil, low or high blood pressure, heart attack, vascular rupture, cerebral palsy, stroke, speech impediment, meningitis, typhoid spondylitis, gallbladder disease, gallbladder related disease Diseases that occur can also affect us.
Ruby Gem Stone
Ruby Gem Stone
Capricorn, Pisces, and other transgender people can get rid of these by wearing other gems. Those who are unable to wear the gem are alternative gemstones of the gem

Can be worn and used. Thus these diseases attack us but can be cured. As well as wearing the gem can increase luck. Let's reach the peak of success. You can also get the benefits of intelligence, high thinking, virtues, self-confidence and power. Cancer, Pisces, and Capricorn can wear the gem to get rid of clutter if the sun is in the target or in their own home. It is very good to do sun salutation daily.

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