Nature of Saturn Planet with diseases

Saturn is a cold planet, a planet that protects secrets. Just. Guardian of Dharma, Justice and Honesty, the planet of self-defense. To longevity and death

Saturn  have the opportunity to gain omnipotence. You can find workers, selfless martyrs, social workers and great national volunteers.

Proficiency in foreign languages, proficiency in science, engineering, research in agriculture, work involving iron, coal, mining, and oil exploration are some of the strengths of Saturn.

If Saturn is bad, there will be delay, denial, disappointment, lack of friendship, voting arguments, difficulty, resentment, anxiety and nostalgia.
Hard work, patience, saving, secrecy, diligence, prudence, perseverance, self-control, and a sense of duty are the qualities that make a good person.

Saturn can cause right ear pain, toothache, fever, runny nose, leprosy, alcoholism, jaundice, gout, rheumatism, deafness, unhealthiness, paralysis, dumbness, paralysis, lethargy and anxiety.

For this, wear sapphire before wearing or leave after arriving.

Going to Thirunallar for Hindus and Tirupati Balaji Darshan are also remedies like feeding crows to everyone, helping the disabled, umbrella, oil and iron donation.

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