Nature of Venus Planet with diseases

Venus is very much in love with strong horoscopes. This is a sweet and fashionable planet that will attract opponents very quickly.

Venus helps to make life fun and exciting, Venus in the male horoscope shows the mirror about the formation of a wife and a comfortable married life.

If Venus is spoiled the marriage will be interrupted. Marriage can be delayed or divorced. Venus is the next richest planet after Guru. If Venus is in a good position, wealth will come and accumulate. Facilities will be increasing.

Nature of Venus Planet with diseases
Nature of Venus Planet with diseases
Venus, eyes, kidney, jaw. Contact with the muzzle, chin, throat, and genitals.
Venus spoiled, eye diseases, genital diseases, colds, colic, gout, rheumatism, edema, anemia, V.D. It can cause AIDS and other illnesses caused by the use of alcohol and alcohol. Use diamonds to break these. Those who cannot wear diamonds should use alternative stones.

For Hindus, Sriranganathar worship, Ranganatha Ashtakam recitation, Thirunirmalai visit and Padmanabha Swamy worship are the remedies. Kandanam writing and dawn vision will bring good results

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