Navratnas, Gemstone - Prevention Methods

Navratnas, Gemstone - Prevention Methods

The nine types of Navratnas and the forty-three types of zodiacs mentioned in this book are of different natures. Some are difficult. Some, soft, some. Brittle. Some are color fading. Water for some
Is hatred.

For some, fatty substances such as oil are unhealthy. Some are unsuitable for heat.

Their properties are given in the detailed news about the stones. Follow them and secure the stones. During the night, during long journeys, when engaging in sad activities, during oil baths, during acute illness, during menstruation and pregnancy, for specific reasons.
Avoid wearing rings with gemstones unless recommended, and keep the rings in pyramids or velvet (a) silver boxes placed facing north on the North Pole.

From time to time the rings (except those that are not watery) should be washed with milk and pure water and wiped with a silk cloth.

Previews of realizing gems

Most stones do not outline the recent benefits of exposure to light and the diseases or problems that can be caused by dimming. So, once a week, look in the sun to see if there is any discoloration on the stones.


It is called a pyramid if you put equilateral triangles on all four sides of a square. The pyramids originated in Egypt. There are huge structures made of stones. The bodies of the dead, placed in pyramids, have been preserved for thousands of years. So energetic pyramids, wood, paperboard, plywood, FRP Can be built with any material, including granite and marble. Its north side should always be towards the north pole.

The medicine, tablets, and blades that are placed inside such powerful pyramids all gain more power. They do not deteriorate over time. Those who sit and meditate in the large pyramid chambers get rid of depression and get freshness and clarity.

In small quantities, hand-held pyramids are now available in stores.

Buy them and head north on the page marked North Pole. You can open the heel and put silk on it and protect it by placing navarattin stones, zodiac stones and agar rings on it. Additional benefits come from keeping the stones inside the pyramid for a period of time after purchase and then ringing and wearing them.


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