Gemstones and Non-gemstones

So far we have learned a lot about the nine gems of pearl, coral, diamond, vitriol, emerald, gemstone, topaz and sapphire.

The five gems of diamond, vitriol, emerald, gem, and sapphire are all precious. Not much is found, and the pearl that appears from the oyster is becoming rarer to find.

Despite the availability of Navratnas, the number of stones that are impeccable and innocent is very low. The number of experts trying these outs is dwindling day by day and they are not available in stores in abundance.

Real stones for the eyes and opinions of the laity. They are so tainted that you can't tell the difference between them and artificial stones. In general, the middle class and the affluent are economically unable to afford these stones.

The prices of Navratnas are so high that even the rich can afford them. In such a situation, alternative stones have been found that will benefit all people. After many years of research these have been suggested as an alternative to neo gems. They are the zodiac stones.

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