Vastu Shastra for Yoga

And howling quills. Singing peacocks, cuckoo-whistling white doves, sparrows, and songbirds all roam around during the day looking for prey and building nests for themselves. As civilization grew, so did the habitats.

What used to be a hut became a pavilion and the pavilion became a Madras Torres made of wood and brick. After the production of cement and steel wire, houses were built with these. The status quo of the Stone Age changed and the world of computers was transformed into living in a concrete mansion.

During the reign of the kings, temples were built according to the Vastu system. Devotees flock to the temples built by Avlitam, waiting for hours to see him and taking him inside.

Examples include the Tirupati Venkatachalapathy Temple, which houses tens of thousands of devotees daily in Tirupati, the Meenakshi Amman Temple in Mamadurai, the six-storied Palani Lord Temple, and the Pillaiyarpatti Ganesha Temple in the Sivagengai district.
Vastu Shastra for Yoga
Vastu Shastra for Yoga 

There are many messages about Vastu in the Atharvana Veda.

Also in the astrological book Brihatsamita, Kasiyappa Silpa Shastra, Vishwakarma Vastu, Mayavastu. Vastu Rajavallapa. Vastu Ratnanagar, Silapparatna, Silappaprakasika, Manasa Silpa Prakasika. Vastu is also explained in books like Mukurtha Ganapati and Mukurtha Chintamani.

During the Ramayana period, Ayodhya ruled as the capital of Ramaphral. Historical texts also show that the palace, temples and water bodies were built according to the Vastu system in Patna. It is also possible to know by excavation.

Nana is the son of Deva Vishwakarma, a magician who wrote the book Silappa Vidya. It is with his help that Rama built the bridge from Rameswaram to Sri Lanka.

During the Mahabharata period, the Pandavas built the city of Indraprastha with the help of a Mayan sculptor on the advice of Lord Krishna. A long square pool was set up in the center of the city. And Lord Krishna. Knowing that the Kauravas would snatch the country from the Pandavas by intrigue. Legend has it that he was told to build a long square pond in the middle of the city. Even if the pool is in the middle of the city, or the water tank is in the middle of the house, the swimming pool is destructive to the country or the city or the house.

The city of Dwarka was filled with water by a sculptor named Vishwakarma who built a canal around the city in an architectural style. So special was Dwarka.Geologists say Dwarka is still under the sea today

Thus, if we build the houses in which we live according to the Vastu system, we will be able to know that life will be smooth and special without being destroyed by the tide.

In this age of computers, even in Tangkang, China, Malaysia, and Singapore, streets and businesses are being built according to the architectural style of Pengui. People living in such houses are living a healthy life
Vastu Shastra for Yoga
Vastu Shastra for Yoga 
Newspapers show that business is booming in the malls as well.

A slum dweller and a man living comfortably in a mansion, regardless of whether they are rich or poor, get a restful sleep and there is no difference in sleep. This is the yoga he receives. That is, it is set according to the law of karma.

He can find out from the horoscope whether the house is a rented house, whether he owns a small house, lives in a flat, lives in a house or a cottage.

The planets in the 4th sin, the 4th sin for the sign or moon. 4th President. Karagan Mars to Earth to Home. Venus, the giver of yoga, can be known for their strength.

4th house:
The sin of telling all about one’s place of residence. Can I build a house? It is a sin to decide whether to buy, live in a rented house, or live in your own home with all the amenities.

Mars: -
The lord of the land, the house, the earth, even if he is the ruler of the zodiac, even if the lord of the house is strong. Even if the current Vice-Chancellor gains strength, he will build a comfortable house and live in it.


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