Which stones can be worn for which disease?

Which Gemstones can be worn for which disease? 

We will also look at the details of wearing gems and zodiac stones. It is not enough to wear only gems or zodiac stones. These should be treated by a doctor. Allopathy, Homeopathy, Unani, Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy can be treated in any way.

Surgery can also be done if needed. And if you wear the mentioned gems and zodiac stones, the disease will be cured quickly.

Due to the radiance in the nervous system through the stones, some changes occur in the body and the damaged pigments are repaired. If you are already wearing a ring that matches the stones for a variety of reasons, not to augment your luck, you can remove the stones and keep them inside a pyramid and wear the healing stones as a ring.

Who can wear any stone, depending on the target. We have advised the elderly, those who are less prone to horoscopes and those who are at risk, to wear certain stones. The same pattern should be followed here as well. If the same stone is recommended here, the Lord will put the burden on it and leave the stones untouched. The merciful Lord is sure of our prayers
Let’s hope he listens.

Here the names of the disease are written in English. Parallel Tamil words are given as much as possible. This method is followed to correctly identify the disease.

A Ratti weight is 180 milligrams.


The disease is caused due to excessive secretion of acids in the body and failure to defecate properly. It causes shortness of breath, headache, shortness of breath and weakness. This condition can be caused by advanced diabetes or even diarrhea. This is due to the lack of salt in the body called sodium bicarbonate. It's totally alive.

Risk. In Saturn, Ketu, Venus or Moon in the horoscope from Virgo or Virgo, this disease can occur if the planet Guru has gone due to it. Wear emerald 5 Ratti heavier and topaz 5 Ratti heavier. Wear with a 6-pound moonstone if needed.


Frequent accidents and injuries can occur if Iraq and Mars are in the horoscope or in the second house. If Saturn is in the target then falling down can cause injury. If Mars is in the target, the skull will be hit and blood will be caused. If you are in the 3rd house (or) 5th house on Tuesday or Saturday, there will be railway (a) road accidents. Wearing amethyst (or) white pearls.Get rid of accidents.


Allergies occur when the body cannot tolerate the heat caused by certain foods. Drugs such as aspirin, penicillin, and sulfa can also cause allergies.

If the house in the 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th house of the Mars horoscope is generally allergic, it is better to exclude eggs, meat, alcohol and bran fish.

Allergies often occur to the skin, nose, digestive organs, and airways. Some allergies are passed down through the generations. Asthma, headaches, and psoriasis are all caused by allergies. Wear cool stones such as moonstone, topaz, blue, and emerald to get rid of allergies.

Cold (Ague)

Cold fever is caused by malaria, metal smoke, and poison. It is caused by a lack of red blood cells in the body. This is caused by Mars spoiling in the horoscope. Relief should be obtained by wearing a bracelet that weighs 7 to 9 Ratti Copper. The ring, red thread, and red cloth can be worn on the right side.

Menstrual Problem - Amenorrhea

This is a menstrual problem that affects women. Formed by a change in hormones. This is caused by the destruction of Saturn. Because, Saturn forbids anything 'planet. But, Mars is the planet that expels the body's wastes. The bracelet, red thread and red cloth can be worn intermittently.

Memory Loss - Amnesia

Forgetting old memories. Memory loss can sometimes be a symptom of the disease. This is due to changes in the brain tissue in Aries if the Sun is damaged by the planet Mercury (or) Mercury Sun. 7 (or) Wear 9 Ratti red and 6 Ratti emerald

Anemia - Anemia

The disease is caused by a decrease in red blood cells. The disease occurs when the sun is bad for Saturn, Rahu (a) Ketu, Taurus is for Leo, Aquarius, or Guru is bad for Mars in Leo. 7 (or) Wear with 9 Ratti the weight of copper and 5 Ratti the weight of the yellow topaz.

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