Which Gemstones can be worn for which disease

Which Gemstones can be worn for which disease?

Intestinal Inflammation - Appendicitis

Appendicitis, a severe abdominal pain caused by swelling of the tail of the colon, is treated surgically. The disease occurs when Saturn in Virgo (a) Scorpio, Iraq, or Mars is damaged. Can be worn with amber and yellow topaz.


Pain is caused by inflammation in the joints. This pain develops when uric acid does not leave the body. This pain will occur even if Saturn is spoiled by Mars from the 6th house, Iraq (a) is in Capricorn Capricorn, and Saturn (a) is in Mercury in Sagittarius. Wearing 9 times the weight of copper and 5 times the weight of the topaz
To be taken.


This causes difficulty in breathing. This is because the airways become narrower. Asthma can occur if Saturn is in 4th from Leo, if Saturn is in Leo, if the Moon is in Gemini or Leo. It is a hereditary disease. Weighs 6 Ratti

Emerald, 5 Ratti the weight of the topaz, and most sufferers wear an additional 6 times the weight of the emerald and other stones to achieve relief!


Back pain is caused by insomnia and stress. This is due to lifting heavy weights, twisting the body as seen, inadvertently turning the body carelessly and fast, and sitting or standing in the same position for a long time in the same style. This disease occurs if Saturn is spoiled in the horoscope or if there are Turks or their visions in the house of Libra. Wear amber 9 times the weight. You can also wear a yellow topaz.


This condition is caused by hair loss. Hereditary disease. Saturn spoils baldness on the head. Emerald has the ability to grow hair. So wear emerald and blue together to prevent further baldness.

Bladder Troubles

If there is pain in storing and excreting urine, frequent urination, or excessive urination means that there are stones in the bladder or its glands are not functioning properly. It can leave you with diabetes or kidney disease Libra, Scorpio should not be spoiled Mars in Scorpio should not be spoiled. 7 (a) The 8th house should not have a planet. 9 Ratti the amount of copper, 5

It can be worn with a ruffled topaz, but with a ruffled 9 ruffle and moonstone.

Accidents or germs can cause one or both eyes to go blind. If the Sun (a) Moon is spoiled by Saturn, this condition will occur. Wearing gemstones and pearls, other than the congenitally blind can receive eye sight.


If there are multiple tumors on the side, they are caused by diabetes (a) Kidney disorders One of the reasons for the increase in body temperature is Mars. Moonstone weighs 6 times and Lapislasuli can be worn 4 Ratti.

Brain Fever

It is also referred to as meningitis. It is caused by an inflammation in the brain and spinal cord. The planets involved are Sun and Mars. Even the moon has something to do with it. If these are bad in Aries or (a) 6, 8, 12- this disease is likely to occur. Even if one of the planets in Iraq, Ketu, Guru, Saturn, and Mercury is spoiled from Aries, there is a chance of some kind of meningitis, amber, topaz. You can wear emeralds or (a) emeralds, gems and topaz.

Brain Tumors

The disease is caused by the growth of new tissue in the brain. As the tumor enlarges, many parts of the body become inactive due to its pressure. If Mercury (or) Venus is bad in Aries, this disease will occur.

In general, brain tumors are more likely to occur if any planet is spoiled from Aries at the same time. Use emerald, topaz, and emerald.

Shortness of breath - Bronchitis

During the changing seasons, especially during the rainy season, it is difficult to breathe due to gases, fumes, dust, etc. Bronchitis can occur if the Sun, Mars or Gemini, Leo or Aquarius are seen in Saturn or Iraq. 7 (or) Wear copper at 9 Ratti the weight


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